Thursday, September 24, 2009

Patmos 2009: Chora

The Chora complex seen from below

Patmos 2009: Livadi Geranous

In the welcome shade of the tamarinds at Livadi Geranous Beach

Patmos 2009: Chora Monastery

A small detail from the roof of the Chora Monastery

Patmos 2009: Skala Port

The main Patmos port at Skala, seen from the entrance to the Chora Monastery

Patmos 2009: Petra Bay

Petra Bay, near Gricos, more windy, perhaps, but very picturesque ...

Patmos 2009:Gricos Bay

Gricos Bay, Patmos - a pleasant, protected beach for swimming

Patmos 2009: Lampi Beach

The peaceful coloured stone beach at Lampi in the far north of Patmos

Chamonix 2009: The Grandes Jourasses

Magnificent view towards the Grandes Jourasses from La Flégère

Chamonix 2009: Mont Blanc from Col de Miage

An unusual angle on Mont Blanc, when viewed from Col de Miage

Chamonix 2009: The valley of Le Balme

A view while walking back down the fair and fertile valley from Le Balme

Chamonix 2009: Summer rainbow

A surprise summer afternoon rainbow over the floor of the Chamonix Valley

Chamonix 2009: Another aspect of Les Drus

Another aspect of the ever-changing face of Les Drus

Chamonix 2009: Aiguilles Vertes in the evening sun

An Ephemeral view of the Aiguille Vertes shrouded in evening clouds

Chamonix 2009: Les Drus in the evening sun

Atmospheric view of Les Drus in the evening sun