Sunday, February 01, 2004

Friday last I sent a proposal forwarded by myself, Giovanna Cosenza and Patrizia for a workshop on the semiotics of new media. The workshop is conceived as part of the session Theoretical semiotics and epistemology" at the 8th Congress of the International Association of Semiotic Studies, Semio2004: Signs of the world : Interculturality and globalisation

The congress is presented in the following way on the Semio2004 website:

"Signs are conceived and circulate in a world whose recent evolution implies a change in the nature of geopolitical and intercultural relations. The evolution in the means of exchange, in the representations of the world and the strategies devised by political and institutional actors lead semioticians to appraise and update their concepts and analysis tools.."

The general mandate for the section on theoretical semiotics and epistemology is as follows:

“The theoretical origins of semiotics will be subject to contemporary debate on the sign and communication. Do New Information and Communication Technologies (N.I.C.T.) require semiotics to invent special methods or procedures for analysis and interpretation? In this framework great theoretical questions about the objects and the boundaries of semiotics will also be tackled.”